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I have discovered that it is enough if a single note is played beautifully. This single note, the stillness or silence, calms me. - Arvo Pärt

As a cellist in the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra with 100 musicians on stage, I have the privilege of playing beautiful orchestral pieces with world-class conductors. It's a powerful, dynamic orchestral sea. Over the years, my desire for my own expression has grown. With parts of classical music that I particularly like, I make a kind of musical remake. Music at the intersection of acoustic and electronic sounds.

New album

Foto Anton Bengtsson

Celistial - With parts from classical music pieces Johanna has created her own spherical sound worlds in neoclassical style. Electronic soundscapes by Mikael Lind, Reykjavik and Icelandic band Hugar. 

Earth [Remember me]

Earth is Johanna Sjunnesson's version of Henry Purcell's aria Dido's Lament.
”Bang up to date, gorgeous” Radio Scala, London. 


Johanna's version of the 16th century's most famous song, John Dowland's Flow my tears.

Air [Breathe me]

Air is inspired by a theme by Marin Marais.


Aerial is a free interpretation of Bach's beautiful aria Erbarme dich.


In Stream, Johanna has been playing with notes from Bach's Cello Suite in G major.

Arctic Ice

Crisp sounds inspired by snow, ice and Vivaldi's seasons.


Johanna Sjunnesson

Curiosity and exploration of different musical expressions and formats is a strong driving force for Johanna. As a soloist, she has performed at Konserthuset and Berwaldhallen, at the Grammy Gala and the Polar Prize Banquet, at Cirkus and the Blue Hall in Stadshuset. Chamber music has an important place and together with a large number of artists from different genres she has performed and toured in Sweden and abroad. There have also been many recordings for radio, television and as a studio musician. 

I heard some wonderful music on P2 a week or so ago, was completely taken, everything stopped, had to sit down and finish listening before I picked up the phone to investigate what I had heard. It was your music.

// Eric Schüldt, Programme Director 

That's a fantastic suite you've recorded! The silver lining shines brightly from your dark clouds of music. Just applaud - and keep listening.
// Mats Oddnejm Hansson

What a great concert today! I am very new to classical music and feel that this was definitely a gateway for me. Thank you!
// Ellen

2021 Silent Concert, Celistial at the music festival Gränslandet, Trädgården in Stockholm

2020 Mornings of the World in film production, Interaction, for Fotografiska muséet.

2020 Interview and music in Klassisk Morgon, P2

2020 Order from Swedish Radio. Music for the documentary "The Arctic Expedition", Vetenskapsradion. 

2019 Commissioned work, Mornings of the World, for the Nordic Council Awards. Johanna performed the piece together with the Icelandic electro band Hugar and the Västerås Sinfonietta conducted by Cathrine Winnes. 

2019 Concert in Chamber Unplugged for P2.
The new music - from Beethoven to Nils Frahm. Presenter Eric Schüldt.

2018 Shivers for cello and electronics, recording for P2.


Neoclassical, post-classical - a rapidly growing form of contemporary music that combines digital, ambient effects with atmospheric, often piano- and string-based music, inspired by minimalists such as Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Brian Eno. 
Listen to the "Best of Postclassical" playlist and be inspired by the music of Hildur Gudnadóttir, Ólafur Arnalds, Hania Rani, Nils Frahm, Jóhann Johannsson.


Foto: Tina Axelsson, Per Myrehed & Anna Björnström

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